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Slope Wallet Cyberattack Incident: Update

A cyberattack emptied 9,231 wallets of roughly $4.1 million worth of assets starting on August 2, 2022, at 22:37 UTC and lasting for almost 4 hours. On-chain transactions demonstrate that the hacked or leaked private keys for the affected wallets were used to sign fraudulent transactions. The Slope wallet apps for iOS and Android by...
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Crypto Experts Predict The Rising Of Solana To $512 In 2030

A panel of experts in the crypto industry predicted that the Solana trading price will reach $166 in 2025 and $512 in 2030. The experts consider Solana as the top contender in the blockchain space. They also added that if Ethereum upgrades fail, Solana will benefit because of its low transaction fees. Price prediction According...
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Is Solana Getting Into Retail?

Anyone who is interested to know more about the Solana blockchain and web3 must also know about Solana Spaces. New York City will be welcoming an embassy of the Solana blockchain. Unlike the traditional embassy, the Solana embassy does not have flags, diplomats, and ambassadors. It will serve as a storefront without selling much of...
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Is It Possible For Solana To Reach $100?

The cryptocurrency sector had experienced difficulties the previous week. The good thing is most assets are improving again. Thus, many traders and crypto investors are wondering about the price prediction of Solana. Bullish predictions were made by the CoinMarketCap community about the SOL token. They predict the trading price of Solana to reach $250 by...
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Solana Spaces CEO Says New Stores Will Introduce More People To Solana

Vibhu Norby, CEO of Solana Spaces, stated that the new physical Solana stores will bring to the Solana ecosystem up to 100,000 people each month and hinted at intentions to create a virtual storefront soon. The first Solana Spaces store debuted on Thursday in the luxurious Hudson Yards New York shopping complex thanks to funding...
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Step Finance And SolanaFloor Merge For DeFi and NFT Data Insights

Step Finance, a Solana analytics platform, has purchased SolanaFloor, an NFT data insights platform, for an unspecified price, the two firms said on Thursday. With 110,000 active users each month, Step Finance began as a client of SolanaFloor before going on to win a hackathon there in March 2021. Step wants to broaden its platform...
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How To Check Rarity For Solana NFTs

Using a “Rarity Tool” that compiles the data of all NFTs in a collection to calculate rarity rankings is the simplest approach to assess the rarity of your NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It will offer an estimate of value and reveal exactly where your NFT ranks in the collection, for instance, if there are...
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Solana Vs. Avalanche: How Are They Similar?

A layer 1 smart contract system called Solana was created to provide quick transactions on public blockchains. To attain high throughput and low latency, it makes use of a novel consensus technique based on PoS and PoH. As a result, dApp developers may create extremely scalable and effective apps. A hybrid consensus technology is used...
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Solana Vs. Algorand: Which One Is Better

Learn about the many aspects of Solana and Algorand to assist you in determining which one offers a better potential and greater opportunities for adoption. Solana Facts Anatoly Yakovenko, a computer engineer, created the Solana white paper in 2017, which marked the beginning of the project. Yakovenko recognized the difficulties of clockless blockchain systems like...
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Solana And Polygon Partner To Bring Web 3.0 To Smartphones

With a joint initiative with tech company Nothing, Polygon is pursuing the Solana blockchain in introducing Web3 to smartphones. For its new Android-based Nothing Phone (1), Nothing has partnered with the Polygon network to deliver non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT project, also known as “Nothing Community Dots,” works by airdropping tokens to Nothing community investors....
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