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How Many Solana Is In Circulation?

Solana is an open-source, public blockchain supporting NFTs (non-fungible tokens), smart contracts, and other decentralized applications. SOL is the native token of Solana that is safe and secure to transfer value and stake. Many users prefer Solana because of its low fees and fast transactions. What are SOL Tokens? Presently, there are about 315,100,273 coins...
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Trusted Sites For Solana Trading

Solana is a platform in the blockchain designed for decentralized applications and smart contracts technology. This platform is popular among investors because of its low-cost and fast transactions. Many current projects of Solana are well known in the cryptocurrency world. It is also more convenient and efficient to use compared to Ethereum considering the PoS...
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What Are Some Solana Projects In Store For The Investors?

Because of the low cost and fast transaction, Solana has become popular with many investors. This cryptocurrency was launched in the market in 2020. Within a year, the value of its native coin increases to $15,000. In less than a couple of years, the first layer protocol had driven a huge number of developers to...
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Solana Trading 101: How To Catch A Falling Knife In Crypto?

The recent LUNA price crash showed everyone how brutal the crypto markets could be. Many traders find themselves in a position where they have to decide how much of their portfolio they want to put on the line. Is it better to risk a large sum of money, hoping the price will go up again?...
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Solana Vs. Cardano: Who Will Win Against Bear Market?

Right after Luna collapsed, Cardano and Solana went down to 30%, far from what ETH and BTC lost. These two projects have their own set of promising technology and have their own set of similarities. So it is no wonder that these two projects are under the same bear market. During tough times like this,...
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Solana To Tackle The Blockchain Trilemma

Solana has been completely functioning for two years. The crypto community considers the network to be one of the Ethereum killers. These Ethereum killers are networks that attempt to exceed Ethereum in terms of adoption by solving some of the challenges that have evolved as a result of Ethereum’s present strong dependence on the proof-of-work...
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Can Solana Become The Dominant PoS Chain?

While attempting to solve the industry’s blockchain trilemma, the Solana network appears to be experiencing frequent outages. Solana, like other new-age networks, was created to address key difficulties in the blockchain sector. While the network has naturally addressed some of these challenges, it has also run into a few unique ones. The Solana network has...
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Solana (SOL) Prices Affected By Recurring Problems

Network disruptions, a diminishing total value locked on the network, and futures traders’ reluctance in trading the cryptocurrency have all dragged down the price of SOL. For cryptocurrencies, the last thirty days have been exceedingly negative. The sector’s total market value fell 33% to $1.31 trillion, and Solana’s (SOL) decline was much more severe. SOL...
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SOL 101: What Is The Blockchain Consensus Mechanism?

For an average person, they probably have no idea what blockchain is. This technology has become synonymous with Bitcoin, but as of late there’s been a disruption in the cryptocurrency world.  We have seen the rise of Solana and other cryptocurrencies that are slowly becoming more prevalent within the market. But, where exactly is this...
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Metaplex Helps Solana Address Its NFT Botting Problem

Last April 30, 2022, Solana’s network crashed for roughly seven hours, causing worries to their investors. The said incident was caused by tons of bots attempting to mint NFT at 4M transactions per second. But here is Metaplex to save Solana from chaos.  Candy Machine, the minting tool tailored for Metaplex (Solana NFT protocol), couldn’t...
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