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Is Solana The Fastest Blockchain?

When considering a blockchain, it is essential to analyze the performance. Is Solana the fastest blockchain? According to experts, Solana was designed to yield 710,000 transactions per second. But the actual test results during its launching in March 2020 are between 1,200 TPS and 2,500 TPS.  Evidently, this blockchain is at its optimum performance and...
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Solana’s Trend On Power Outage

Solana is one of the top cryptocurrency blockchains in the digital world of cryptocurrency, next to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investors who have been investing within Ethereum’s blockchain have been seen to be entering the blockchain of Solana. This is because the blockchain has been gaining momentum in the NFT and DeFi ecosystems due to its...
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Is Solana A Good Investment

Solana is an altcoin and one of the so-called “Ethereum killers.” It supports Defi or decentralized finance projects, including smart contracts, dApps, and NFTs. The Solana token is also usable to earn and stake coins. If you have a transaction on the blockchain, you can use the Solana token for payments. Like other cryptocurrencies, Solana...
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Solana Presents A Bullish Reversal Signal As SOL Value Targets A 75% Increase

The immediate upward objective for Solana (SOL) is around $47, which is an increase of roughly 20% from the stock’s current cost. On June 28, Solana (SOL) extended its upward trend, edging closer to initiating a traditional bullish reversal setting. The price for SOL increased by 2.42 percent, hitting an intraday high of $39.40. As...
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Largest DeFi Lender In Solana Nearly Got Rekt. Binance Eventually Intervened

What transpires if a phone conversation for a multimillion-dollar margin call goes unanswered? For Sound, the second-largest decentralized finance (Defi) colony in Solana, last week, that unsettling possibility almost materialized into a nightmare. One of its most significant users, a wallet with $107 million in USDC borrowed against $170 million in SOL collateral, was completely...
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DAOs Increase, Solana Launches A $100 Million DeFi Fund

Solana launched a new $100 million fund this week, and the number of DAOs surged by more than 8 times due to increasing protocol activity. Decentralized autonomous organizations and new fund releases for the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem controlled the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem this week. While Solana announced a $100 million DeFi fund,...
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Solana Price: One Slip Away From A 40% Drop In June

Outages on the network and dwindling smart contract reserves put further downward pressure on the SOL price. As it approaches the pinnacle of its current “descending triangle” pattern, Solana (SOL) is approaching a key collapse point. The groundwork for SOL’s 40% price drop SOL’s price has been consolidating inside a range established by a falling...
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Steps On How To Receive Airdrop (Sol Via Solanium.IO)

Solanium, Solana’s decentralized fundraising platform, allows you to receive airdrops. When you say Airdrops, these are the coins that are distributed to people when a new coin is created and the developers don’t have any more coins, they just want to get rid of those. Unfortunately, with the massive interest in the public sale as...
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Solana Continues To Plummet

Since the digital market of crypto earlier this May, Solana has never seen light to recovery. Solana is one of the top cryptocurrencies that has not recovered from the market crash. In the past 30 days, Solana was seen declining to over 50%, making SOL (Solana’s native token) the biggest loser of the top 10...
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How Can Traders Maximize Returns For Solana Price?

Before May ended, Solana received some excellent news as it was affected by Bitcoin’s uptrend. Such a bullish outlook allowed SOL and other known altcoins to go up.  SOL price offers opportunities Surprisingly, Solana returned to the battle arena with a $41.25 support level not just once this month but twice. Such a high time...
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