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Decentralized Blockchain Transforming the financial system worldwide Discover the fundamentals of Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency and how to use it as a trading strategy through Solcoined. Learn More Our Story

Solana is the world’s fastest blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.  

The concept of SOL cryptocurrency and trading is simple. But you may find some details confusing. Browse through our resources to guide you with everything you need to know about SOL.   

What is Solcoined?

Solcoined is a media platform focusing on Solana’s decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency. An expert team of skilled researchers is working on this project. Solcoined is establishing a strong and innovative service that aims to provide information, news, and data.

Low Cost

Because of scalability, crypto transactions are guaranteed to be low and cost-effective.

Strong Security and Privacy

Your personal data and activity logs are guaranteed safe and protected.

High Speed

With enhanced hardware, quick processing with the crypto network is made possible.


The network will stay available for apps to function freely and transactions not be halted.

Our Growing Network

Since its debut, Solcoined has continued providing its service across different countries in the world.

The whole team is working on contributing to the development of the company and creating any initiatives that will benefit the its improvement. Solcoined funds its own growth, prioritizes unity, and takes responsibility in its every decision.

Technology in Cryptro.


Our goal is to be the top platform for Solana’s booming community. We are a learning site for new users who want to learn more about SOL cryptocurrency. We aim to do the following:

  • Introduce SOL to those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.
  • Assist people interested in getting started with SOL.
  • Provide the public with the latest updates on SOL.


Our vision is to serve as a significant source of education materials in the evolving financial industry. We’re committed to connecting with the community, increasing their awareness about cryptocurrency and its wide range of possibilities. We hope to:

Promote digital payment system literacy.

Support the public in their journey to investment and trade.

Where To Trade Cryptro Coin

Cryptro is listed in various popular crypto exchange
News & Articles

Fake Solana Phantom Security Update Is A Malware That Steals Crypto

Hackers are disseminating malware that steals passwords using NFT airdrops that appear to be Solana wallet Phantom security updates. Anonymous hackers have been airdropping non-fungible...
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Solana Trading Platform Mango Suffers From A $100 Million Hack

The Solana blockchain-based decentralized finance platform Mango has been hacked for more than $100 million. Blockchain auditors OtterSec first posted about the attack on Twitter,...
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Magic Eden’s Market Share Drops Due To Solana NFT Traders Rejecting Royalties

Currently in the Solana NFT market, the argument over NFT royalties is heating once more, and marketplaces that forgo creator royalties are attracting eager traders...
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Cryptro connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via Cryptro to provide one.

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